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Natasha Giggs confesses her regrets over Ryan affair


Natasha Giggs has revealed how her eight year affair with Ryan Giggs went from thrilling to seedy and has confessed she was a fool to risk everything.
The mother-of-two, who was married to Giggs' brother Rhodri, has said she committed the ultimate betrayal for the thrill of secret sex with the famous footballer.
And now the 29-year-old wants her husband back and is determined to earn his forgiveness.
She told The Sun: 'At the beginning it was thrilling to know that someone as famous and as admired as Ryan wanted to be in bed with me.
'But by the end it became so seedy.'

Natasha first met Giggs in a Manchester nightclub in March 2003 but started dating brother Rhodri two months later and married him last year.
But she carried on seeing his 38-year-old brother and only decided to expose their illicit affair when she discovered Giggs had been cheating on her with Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.
And instead of breaking the news to Rhodri herself, Natasha decided to reveal all to a Sunday newspaper and fly off on holiday with her two children –a decision she now says is 'unforgivable'.

Natasha explained: 'I was such a coward. But I couldn't bear to tell Rhodri in person because it would have killed me to witness the terrible pain I caused him.'
It was left to her mother to knock on the couple's house the morning the news broke with a copy of the paper, which was strewn with intimate details of her affair.
And Rhodri made his feelings clear to his wife, by serving her with divorce papers weeks later on their first wedding anniversary.
Although the pair have met up since they are still separated but Natasha, who has agreed to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house next month, is determined to win her husband back.

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